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"Let us always remember that inner discipline is something to come and not something always present."


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Extended Curriculum

Cultural Curriculum
Our extended curriculum allows children to learn in depth about different countries and their cultures. We live in an era of globalization so it is very important for children to appreciate different ways of life and live in harmony with one another.

Physical Education
Informal classes are given several times a week to build stamina and strength. Skills such as running jumping, skipping, and ball handling are just a few of the many things they do. These skills are put to practice daily at the Montessori Children's House playground.

A wide variety of gymnastics is available for every age group. Formal gymnastics classes are given several times a week. The children work on coordination and muscle strength, stretching, and gymnastics skills.

Variety of dances, such as tap, and ballet lessons are offered by our talented and experienced dance instructor.

Foreign Language
Spanish lessons are offered to everyone. Formal group lessons allow the children to hear the language and participate in cultural activities.

The children are exposed to various forms of art. They use many different media to express themselves. The children are encouraged to be creative and original.

Karate lessons are offered to all children during the week, after 2:30 p.m.

The computers are part of Montessori Children's House classrooms. The children are exposed to the computer and learn skills early on. The children will carry such skills with them throughout the remainder of their learning careers. Private lessons are offered in addition to group lessons.

Private piano lessons, offered by the Montessori Children's House music teacher, are available to the children after 2:30 p.m.

The children have regular music classes with a specialized music instructor. The class involves learning about and interacting with different instruments. In addition, children learn a variety of songs.

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